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AlviBeauty Salon

It is a multifunctional application that builds a customer base, records sales, forecasts demand.

Our main goal is to make the job easier, faster and more convenient.

Our platform provides all the tools you need to easily organize and manage your venue. From online recording to data analysis.

Convenient calendar and Online appointment

- A personalized calendar where you can easily manage your bookings and breaks, change your schedule and keep track of salon occupancy.

- Clients can choose their own convenient time and specialist 24/7. By combining your social networks and online enrollment, the flow of clients will increase dramatically.

- Only available intervals are displayed in the online appointment, the facility administrator does not waste time coordinating the booking, and the specialist receives notification of a new visit directly in his calendar. This distributes the workload and takes some of the calls off the administrators' hands.

Financial part of the CRM system

- Get detailed reports on financial activity, analyze income and expenses.

- Build customized salary schemes for employees.

- Enter your tax activity in accordance with the law.

- Track accounts, monitor the financial status of your establishment.

- Track employee vacation and sick days automatically.

- You can work with several currencies in the system at the same time.

Customer record system

- View order history, visit rating and feedback from other establishments about this customer.

- Detailed customer profile: contact information, birthdays, ability to leave personal notes and assign status to the customer.

- Leave before/after photos in the client's profile.

- Automatic push reminders for the next visit, as well as the ability to write to the client in private messages.

- Get honest feedback after the services have been performed. In this way your institution can rise in the rankings and you will have feedback on the services performed.


- Create a specialist account where potential clients, their degrees, certifications, portfolios and user reviews are available.

- Manage your employees' work schedules, sick days, vacations, lunch breaks and absences.

- Customize each employee's access to the database.

Warehouse accounting

- Keep records and calculate the consumption of materials used in the specialist's work.

- Control revenues, make write-offs, move goods between warehouses and take inventory.

- You can control the number of items in stock, see balances, and notify when a purchase is needed.

- Enter your own supplier base, create invoices and manage purchases.

Detailed Business Analytics

- Get a complete day/period report on service statistics and cash receipts.

- Monitor the profitability of your business. All revenues and expenses in a handy infographic.

- Analyze the number of customer records in different time period.

- Reports on occupancy of working hours and profitability of masters/services.

- Analyze audience loyalty (new customers coming in, regulars leaving and returning customers over a period of time).

Proprietary chat and SMS messaging

- Enter real-time correspondence between customers, create groups, communicate.

- Chat supports working on all mobile devices and push notifications.

- Files and images can be exchanged during correspondence.

- Your information remains in a secure place, which guarantees the confidentiality of your correspondence.

- Make newsletters about exclusive discounts and new products to a large number of customers at the same time!

Additional features

- Advertise your business on our platform. Attract new clients through AlviBeauty's booking service.

- Opportunity to rise to the top of the salons. You can highlight your salon and occupy the first lines of the main page.

- Setting up the AlviCoin loyalty bonus system. This is a service that is partially paid for by the Client from his bonus account, allowing him to save money on booking services.

Terms and rates

You have access to full testing of all features for 7 days.

After the test period is over, you can continue to use all our features by paying the appropriate tariff.

Payments are made within the "AlviBeauty Salon" app.

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