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Public Contract

about participation in the bonus Loyalty Program "AlviCoin"

m. KremenchukEditorial office from 2023

This Public Agreement on participation in the "AlviCoin" bonus loyalty program (hereinafter the Agreement or the Rules) establishes the official conditions and rules for participation in the "AlviCoin" bonus program (hereinafter the "Program"), which determine the period, conditions and procedure for participation in Program.

These Rules are a Public Offer Agreement within the meaning of Art. 633, 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, in which one party Executor - FOP BANTYUKOV ROMAN VITALIYOVYCH (Granitna vulytsia, 14, Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast, 39600), an individual entrepreneur, publicly offers to any person who accepted ( accepted) this offer (hereinafter - Program Participant or Participant), the opportunity to take advantage of the Program, for which this Agreement, addressed to an unlimited number of persons, publishes the following.

1. Terms and definitions

In these Rules, capitalized terms have the following definitions:
1.1. Public offer contract - this contract, the "AlviBeauty" offer (presented on the Website ( and the "AlviBeauty Salon" and "AlviBeauty Client" applications is addressed to an unlimited number of persons in accordance with Art. 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, conclude this agreement with the Program Organizer and its Partners on the terms specified therein.
1.2. The organizer of the "AlviCoin" loyalty program is the "AlviBeauty" organization (14 Granitna Street, Kremenchuk, Poltava Region, 39600).
1.3. Program Participant (Participant) - an able-bodied natural person who has reached the age of 18 at the time of registration in the Program and/or a legal entity/natural person-entrepreneur who is registered as a business entity in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine, who has filled out the questionnaire and registered on the website of the Program or application "AlviBeauty Salon" and "AlviBeauty Client".
1.4. Partner of the Program is a business entity, legal entity, individual entrepreneur (hereinafter -Partner), which are direct partners of "AlviBeauty" and are authorized persons on behalf of those who provide services within the framework of the Loyalty Program for booking services to Program Participants, providing Services and informational support of the Participants, and also, in accordance with the terms of the Program, calculates AlviCoin points for booking services and/or provides an opportunity for Participants to receive a discount on booking a service using AlviCoin points.
1.5. Acceptance - the provision by the Participant of full and unconditional consent to the conclusion of this Agreement in its entirety and the fulfillment of the conditions and rules set forth in it, without signing a written copy of the Agreement.
1.6. Services - Service or several Services provided by the Program's partners, from the Participant's registration for participation in AlviCoin, which is organized and conducted by "AlviBeauty". The Program Participant can purchase the Service both at the expense of 100% of his own funds, and with the use of AlviCoin points, the amount of which is set by the "AlviBeauty Salon" partner himself.
1.7. The "AlviCoin" loyalty program is a bonus program aimed at encouraging Participants who are provided with special conditions for receiving/booking services (hereinafter - the Program). The loyalty program is not a gambling game, a lottery, or a service in the field of gaming business. "AlviCoin" is a virtual depository of the User's AlviCoin, from which AlviCoin can be debited during the User's payment for services, or to which AlviCoin can be credited when the User fulfills the conditions for their receipt.
1.8. Purchase - purchase of services by the Participant of the Program through the Partner.
1.9. AlviCoin point (AlviCoin) is a conditional unit that is credited to the Participant's AlviCoin account and debited from the Participant's AlviCoin account in accordance with these Rules, as well as under the conditions determined by the rules (conditions) of individual Promotions (offers) within the Program and gives the Participant the right to receive Services using AlviCoin. AlviCoin Points are used only for accounting purposes and in no way are and cannot be any kind of currency or security. Points accrued to Participants during participation in the Program may not be transferred, sold, transferred (transferred), exchanged, used as a means of payment, in any other way alienated by Participants in favor of third parties or used in any other way, except in accordance with provided for by these Program Rules. Collected AlviCoin points cannot be converted into a monetary equivalent and issued to the Participant in cash.
1.10. AlviCoin account - the account of the Program Participant, which contains a set of accounting and informational data about the Program Participant, the amount of AlviCoin accrued (received) and / or debited (used) by the Participant, as well as about the current AlviCoin balance (AlviCoin balance). A AlviCoin account is not a bank account. In accordance with these Rules, AlviCoin is credited and debited to the Participant's AlviCoin account.
1.11. The website and the application are on the Internet, located at the link: -(, which contains the terms of participation in the Program, through which the Participant is registered and the subsequent purchase of Services from the Partner, - (https:/ /, on which AlviCoin Points are accumulated.
1.12. Rules - this document, which defines the conditions and procedure for the participation of individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the "AlviCoin" Loyalty Program, is posted on the Website and application
1.13. Procedure for Cancellation of AlviCoin (Cancellation of AlviCoin) – the procedure for debiting AlviCoin, previously credited to the AlviCoin account of the Participant without the right to use them.
1.14. The AlviCoin Accrual Procedure is a procedure that results in an increase in the amount of AlviCoin on the Participant's AlviCoin account on the grounds provided for in the Rules.
1.15. AlviCoin debiting procedure is a procedure that results in a decrease in the amount of AlviCoin on the Participant's AlviCoin account on the grounds provided by the Rules.
1.16. Questionnaire – a form in electronic form, which is posted on the Website and the application, by filling it out, a natural person gives his consent to participate in the Program in accordance with the Rules, and also allows the collection, storage, processing and transfer of personal data within the framework of the Program in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine on the protection of personal data.
1.17. Cabinet - the personal section of the Participant on the Website and the Program application, access to which is possible only after entering a login and password.

2. Substantive provisions

2.1. This Agreement is concluded by providing full and unconditional consent (acceptance) of the Participant to conclude the Agreement in its entirety, without signing a written copy of the Agreement by the Parties, has legal force and is equivalent to the Agreement signed by the Parties.
2.2. This Agreement is the Rules for participation in the AlviCoin Loyalty Program "AlviCoin", which is conducted indefinitely.
2.3. The rules of participation in the Program contain a list of conditions necessary for joining the Program and further participation in it.
2.4. By performing actions aimed at joining the Program and obtaining the right to receive Services using AlviCoin within the Program, the Participant thus confirms that he has read these Rules, unquestionably accepts the terms of participation in the Program, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them .
2.5. "AlviBeauty" reserves the right to make any changes and additions to the Rules, in particular to change the name of the Program, the design, the amount and the AlviCoin calculation system, the procedure for purchasing Services using AlviCoin, about which the Participants will be notified on the "AlviBeauty Salon" Website and application and “AlviBeauty Client” via the Internet or by other means. If the Participant continues to participate in the Program, it is considered that the Participant has read and accepted the changes and additions.
2.6. "AlviBeauty" also reserves the right to add/delete/change the list, the number of AlviCoinS required to receive a particular Service. The Participant independently receives information about the changes made by reading the valid version of the Rules.
2.7. In case of a violation of the Rules by the Participant, "AlviBeauty" sends the Participant a notification about the nature of the violation and offers to resolve this violation by the Participant of the Rules. "AlviBeauty" unilaterally has the right to block the Participant's AlviCoin and remove it from the Program.
2.8. The Participant has the right to receive information about the Program in one of the following ways:
2.8.1. on the Site and application
2.8.2. by contacting the contact center by phone +380972703813 or by e-mail
2.8.3. another way.
2.9. The participant has the right to receive information about the balance of the AlviCoin account in the personal Cabinet on the Website and the application
2.10. "AlviBeauty" may decide to stop the Program at any time and for any reason, having previously notified the Partners and Participants of the Program through the Site or application and by other means, for example, by sending a message to the e-mail address specified by the Participant during registration . "AlviBeauty" undertakes to inform the Partners and Participants of the Program at least 1 month before the scheduled date of stopping the Program. This notice must contain the terms of termination of the Program, as well as the deadlines for receiving reservations for AlviCoin Services. The last month for AlviCoin accrual is considered to be the month when the Participant receives a notice of termination of the Program. "AlviBeauty" does not undertake to compensate the losses caused to the Participant due to the termination of the Program, nor can it be obliged to pay fines and commissions for the termination of the Program.
2.11. "AlviBeauty" is not responsible for failure to acquaint or improperly acquaint the Participants with the official Rules of participation in the Program, as well as for the Participants' provision of incomplete and/or incorrect contact or other data necessary to receive the Service.
2.12. "AlviBeauty" and the Partners of the Program have the right to conduct among the Participants of the Program by publishing their conditions on the Site and the application, the conditions of which may be the accrual of (increased) AlviCoin.

3. Making Cabinet and AlviCoin

3.1. The Participant, having filled out the Questionnaire on the Site and the application in the established order, automatically becomes a Participant of the Program.
3.2. In order to become a Participant of the Program, it is necessary to register on the Program Website or the application "AlviBeauty Salon" and "AlviBeauty Client" by filling out the Questionnaire. Participants of the Program can be employees of the Organizer and/or its Partners.
3.3. When registering, the Participant must provide the following data:
3.3.1. full name
3.3.2. date of birth
3.3.3. e-mail address (further on it will be used as a login for entering the Cabinet);
3.3.4. phone number.
3.4. The questionnaire may contain other fields that must be filled in by the Participant. Mandatory fields are marked with * (asterisk). Other fields can be filled in at the request of the Participant.
3.5. Re-registration on an already registered phone number is not possible.
3.6. By filling out the Questionnaire, the Participant expresses his consent to receive mailings from the Organizer, namely: any informational, advertising, commercial and/or non-commercial information about the Program, the status of the Participant's Account and its changes, information about shares, Program Partners, third parties by sending messages to the Participant's phone number and/or e-mail, if at the same time he confirms his consent at the time of filling out the Questionnaire and does not put a mark in the column about refusing to receive it.
3.7. The Participant undertakes to provide true information in the Questionnaire and bears full responsibility for the data specified in it. A questionnaire containing false information will be considered invalid, and the person who filled it out will not be recognized as a Program Participant.
3.8. The Participant is responsible for not timely informing the Operator about the change of personal data specified in the Questionnaire. The Participant is obliged to inform the Organizer about the change of personal data by making changes to the relevant sections in the Cabinet.
3.9. From the moment of registration, a person is considered to have accepted (accepted) the Public Offer and becomes a Program Participant.
3.10. By taking actions aimed at joining the Program, as well as actions related to accruing, debiting AlviCoin and/or receiving Gifts within the Program, the Participant confirms that he has read these Rules, agrees with their terms and undertakes follow them.
3.11. If the Participant deletes his profile from the "AlviBeauty" site/application, the Program does not store the Participant's personal data.
3.12. The Participant has the right to terminate his participation in the Program at any time. After termination of participation in the Program, AlviCoin on the Participant's Account are canceled and cannot be restored.
3.13. The Organizer has the right to suspend or terminate any Participant's participation in the Program without notice in the event of:
3.13.1. non-compliance by the Participant with the Rules;
3.13.2. providing unreliable data by the Participant in the Questionnaire;
3.13.3. no transactions within the program within 12 months.
3.14. In the event of termination of participation in the Program for the reasons specified in Clause 3.13 of the Rules, accumulated AlviCoinS are canceled by the Participant and cannot be restored.
3.15. Identification of a person as a Participant is carried out by entering a login and password in the Office.

4. AlviCoin Calculation Rules.

4.1. "AlviBeauty" credits the AlviCoin account of the AlviCoin Participant "AlviBeauty Salon" and "AlviBeauty Client" for the reservation of Services, which the Participant "AlviBeauty Salon" establishes independently (through the personal Cabinet, namely: - registration for participation. To register and credit AlviCoin, the Participant must go to personal account). When switching to the site or application: the Participant chooses a salon or a client, enters the login, password and completes the registration. Confirmation of the Participant's registration is the receipt of an SMS notification to the specified phone number of the number.
4.2. AlviCoin to the Participant are credited to the Participant's AlviCoin account automatically within 1 (one) calendar day from the date of booking the Services, which the "AlviBeauty Salon" Participant sets independently (through a personal Cabinet). Services subject to 100% payment on the Site or application. The calculation of AlviCoin, as a general rule, is carried out according to the formula: for each installation paid by the Participant with his own funds for the booked Service by the salon "AlviBeauty Salon", 1 AlviCoin = 1 hryvnia. After payment of AlviCoin by the AlviBeauty Client Member for the reserved service, the specified amount will be transferred to the personal account of AlviBeauty Salon. If the participants do not have enough AlviCoin, they can buy them with their own money. 1 AlviCoin = 1 hryvnia.
4.3. In addition to the grounds listed in clause 4.2, the Participant may be credited with additional and/or promotional AlviCoin on the AlviCoin account for the Participant's other actions that may be carried out within the AlviCoin Loyalty Program established for all Participants. Information about the rules for calculating additional and/or promotional AlviCoin is posted on the Site and application, in marketing materials or in another way is brought to the attention of the Participants.
4.4. Claims regarding the fact of AlviCoin accrual and the amount of AlviCoin accruals are accepted from the Participant in writing by e-mail to the address:
4.5. AlviCoin credited to the Participant's AlviCoin account may not be transferred or assigned to another person or used in any other way, except in accordance with the procedure provided for in these Rules.
4.6. AlviCoinS credited to the Participant become available for use in the following terms:
4.6.1. from the moment of registration on the website or application "AlviBeauty Salon" and "AlviBeauty Client"; and from the moment of booking "AlviBeauty Client" for "AlviBeauty Salon".
4.6.2. in case of conducting advertising campaigns, special promotions or offers, incentive programs periodically offered by the Organizer - after the expiration of the period indicated in the conditions of their implementation;
4.6.3. for performing other actions within the framework of the Program, for which AlviCoin is expected to be charged - after the expiration of the term specified in the conditions for charging AlviCoin for their implementation, published on the Program Website and the application.
4.7. AlviCoin to be credited is rounded off according to generally accepted mathematical rules to the nearest whole AlviCoin.
4.8. The organizer is not responsible for not charging AlviCoin in the event that the Participant did not pass identification when booking Services from Partners, complaints about not charging AlviCoin are not accepted.
4.9. The Program Organizer is not responsible for the Participant's payment of taxes and fulfillment of obligations related to participation in the Program.

5. AlviCoin Debit and Cancellation Rules.

5.1. As part of participation in the Program, a basic term is established during which Participants can use their accumulated AlviCoin. Such a term is established during the calendar year in which they were credited to the AlviCoin account. AlviCoinS not used by the Participant by December 31 of the current calendar year in which the AlviCoinS were accrued will be considered expired and will be automatically canceled. At the same time, AlviCoin spent until December 31 of the current calendar year to pay for participation in the Event of the next calendar year remain valid.
5.2. In the case of a refund to the Participant of the funds (part thereof) paid for the booked Service, the Points are canceled indisputably in proportion to the amount of the returned funds.
5.3. Debiting/cancellation of AlviCoin from the Participant's AlviCoin account occurs automatically without additional notification to the Participant.
5.4. 3 AlviCoin of the Participant's account shall be debited/cancelled by any AlviCoin accrued by mistake (including as a result of a technical failure, software failure, etc.) or AlviCoin accrued under an agreement that was canceled, resulting in a refund funds, as well as AlviCoin, which are subject to write-off, in accordance with the terms of these Rules.
5.5. When booking Services using AlviCoin, AlviCoin is debited at the rate of 1 AlviCoin = 1 hryvnia.
5.6. When booking a Service using AlviCoin points, the amount of AlviCoin points used will be deducted automatically.

6. Processing of personal data

6.1. A person who wishes to become a Participant of the Program when filling out an electronic questionnaire on the Program Website and application provides his personal data for registration in the Program information system. Completing the Participant's questionnaire is a mandatory condition for full participation in the Program.
6.2. The completed Questionnaire confirms the consent (permission) of the Program Participant to grant the Organizer/Partners of the Program the right to process (collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, change, renewal, use, distribution, depersonalization, destruction, etc.) of personal data specified in the Questionnaire submitted by them, for the purpose of personalizing the person as a Program participant, including to participate in all promotions and events of an advertising nature held within the framework of the specified Program, as well as consent to the transfer of his personal data to third parties for the purpose of ensuring their processing. The Participant's data specified in the questionnaire are confidential. The responsible persons who ensure their processing and the Participant himself have access to the data, as well as this data can be provided in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data", and the persons to whom the data is transferred.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1. The organizer has the right, at its discretion, to make any changes to the current Rules at any time. Information about these changes will be posted on the Site
7.2. The Organizer and/or Partners also reserve the right to make any changes at any time without prior notice and at their sole discretion to the list of Services for which AlviCoin are credited and to change the amount of AlviCoin that Participants receive as a result of purchasing such Services.
7.3. The Organizer reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time with 3 (Thirty) calendar days notice to the Participant. The Organizer is not responsible for the interruption or termination of the Program, including, but not limited to, AlviCoin in the Participant's AlviCoin account at the time of suspension or termination of the Program.
7.4. The Organizer and its Partners are not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by the Participants.
7.5. The program is designed exclusively for personal use by persons who are participants of the program.
7.6. The Participant is responsible for any actions of third parties that occur when the password required for entering the Cabinet in the application is entered correctly.
7.7. Participants who participate in special offers and promotions of the Program must familiarize themselves with the rules of these offers and promotions on the Site and the application and adhere to them.